Who Is Myrmidon?


Who are we?

A collaboration of individuals from different guilds (from 1st server ranked to 40th) recently transferred, the core of which has been raiding together since summer or 2010. We maintain a relatively small raiding unit that is highly dedicated to pushing progression content at a competitive pace. We like to maintain an enjoyable yet disciplined raid atmosphere, that works productively together at overcoming challenges placed before us.

Myrmidon has an exceptionally low turnover rate and acquisition rate with members, because we are extremely selective in who we bring into the fold. It is our goal to be the last guild an individual ever joins by ensuring it through an overly thorough screening process. We recruit the ‘whole package’, both attitude and ability. We like to ensure those who join us are going to be with us long term and stand on equal footing with other members. There is no weak link or carried individuals with us.

We are about quality over quantity to the extreme, and therefor do not engage in mass recruitment, guild mergers, or package deals. Each member earns their place as an equal and valued contributing member of the team. All new members undergo a unique process that ensures social awareness of their standing within the collective. All new members know exactly where they stand with us, and where we stand with them to ensure the complete absence of doubt and instead inspire confidence and camaraderie.